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Velma and Daphne had gone missing two days ago, and the only lead the scooby gang had was a girls only club that the girls had went to. There was no back door, so Fred and Shaggy put on Daphne and Velma's clothes plus wigs to sneak in as girls. When they looked in a mirror, they knew it wasn't going to work, but they had to try.

After an hour in the club line and disgusted looks from the people around them. They reached the front of the line. The bouncer looked at them and asked, "Name?"
"I am Daphne" said Fred while Shaggy said Velma in a high voice. "Okay, come on in.", said the bouncer to the disbelief of both of them.

They felt a little shock as they entered the club, but just ignored it and split up to find any clues on the two girls. Fred hated the heels he was wearing that painfully constricted his feet, but the pain seemed to stop and he could even walk normally. He thought he just got used to them, but his feet cracked and shrank down a few sizes, arching a little as purple nail polish appeared on his dainty toes.

Shaggy was about to ask someone a question when someone accidentally tripped and pulled a strand from Shaggy's brown haired wig. He yelped in pain and yelled at the girl, not realizing that the wig had turned into his hair. His eyesight became blurry until a pair of thick rimmed glasses materialized onto his face.

Shaggy was still oblivious to the changes as his lips puffed out and his nose cracked down to a cute size. His eyes widened and slanted slightly and his head shrank down to match Velma's face. His facial hair disappeared right as he asked if anyone had seen Velma or Daphne, but started coughing before he could finish the question. His coughs began to sound cute as his Adam's apple was sucked into his throat and swallowed. He cleared his throat as his neck thinned out and elongated. "I was wondering if anyone had, Jinkies! My voice! I, I sound like Velma!!"

Fred was starting to feel a little more comfortable in Daphne's clothes as his calves thinned out and his thighs thickened. His leg hair fell out and Fred felt a little uncomfortable as his groin was crushed. He just put it down to the way he walked and tried to move differently. His hips popped outwards and his ass filled with fat, becoming a sexy heart shape. Fred felt much better as he swayed his hips with each step.

Shaggy looked for a mirror as his shoulders cracked together. His arms feminized and became slender as his hands cracked and shifted, fingers lengthening as his nails were covered in orange polish. He picked up a hand mirror and shrieked at his face. He suddenly felt a strange burst of pleasure and moaned as his chest pushed out into c-cups.

A weird tingling sensation started in Fred's pants which he assumed just meant time to go to the bathroom. Fred was making his way there when he heard a shriek. He decided he'd look into that after he went. As he sat down on the toilet, he tried to go, but nothing happened. "Huh, that's weird, since when were my pubes red?" thought Fred. He suddenly screamed in ecstasy as his balls were sucked into his body and changed into ovaries. The tingling sensation grew as his cock was sucked in until there was a loud wet POP! sound and Fred orgasmed as his cock inverted into a vagina.

Shaggy lifted up his shirt and saw an orange bra form around her cleavage. "Ugh, I don't feel so good" said Shaggy and he ran to the bathroom. He gripped his sides as his waist sucked in and his back arched. He lost a few inches as his spine shrank and his stomach sucked in leaving a smooth belly.

"Oh god! It feels so good!" screamed Shaggy as his balls were soon sucked up. He grabbed his groin trying to stop the changes, but the force pulling it was too strong. He screamed as his groin was sucked in with a sickening slurping noise and Shaggy experienced his first female orgasm.

Fred could hear screams coming outside of her stall and recognized Velma's voice. She went to investigate, but fell back down and grabbed her stomach as the fat went away. Her waist pushed in to form a sexy hourglass shape and she grunted as her back arched and she shrank down by six inches. She started to moan as her displaced fat moved under her nipples and Fred took off Daphne's shirt to watch as a two voluptuous cc-cups burst from her hairless chest.

Shaggy thought she heard Fred moaning for a second, but then forgot about it as her ass inflated into a sexy heart shape. Her hips cracked outwards as all of her body hair fell off leaving behind smooth pale skin.

Fred hugged her shoulders as they cracked together, finishing her feminine frame. A purple bra formed on her breasts as her arms became slender and smooth. Her hands shrank as her fingers lengthened and became elegant. The same purple nail polish on her toes was applied to her hands.

She grabbed her throat as her neck elongated and thinned out. She began to cough violently as her Adam's apple was sucked in. She bent forward and gave a feminine gasp as her throat cleared and the wig she was wearing fell off her head. Fred heard weird cracks and moans outside her stall and went to leave, but her clothes were caught on a hook and she heard a loud rip as her outfit was torn in two, leaving her in just a bra and purple panties.

Shaggy could hear Daphne's voice as her thighs fattened up and her calves slimmed down and curved ever so slightly. Her feet cracked as they shrank down and the changes finished as they gained a slight arch and her toes were painted orange.        "Daphne? Is that you?" asked Velma.

Fred didn't respond as she felt an extreme headache begin. Her lips puffed out and her cheekbones extended outwards making her face thinner. Her nose shrank down and her eyes slanted as they grew larger. Her eyebrows turned red and thinned out as her blonde hair cascaded down to her shoulders and turned red.

"Shaggy, are you Velma?"    "Yeah. Oh Jinkies!!, you look just like Daphne."
"What happened to us?         "I don't know, lets ask the bouncer guy.

They ran to the door and stopped as they saw a list of rules on the inside of the door.
Only girls are allowed in.
Any guys that come in for longer than five minutes will slowly become girls.
Anyone who is transformed will have mental changes after reading this sign.

They both said, "Oh crap" before grabbing their heads as Velma and Daphne took over Shaggy and Fred's minds. "Oh god why am I only wearing underwear!" shrieked Daphne and the two of them ran back to the Mystery Machine.

Meanwhile, the original Velma and Daphne were at Daphne's mansion. "I wonder if they got our messages that we were sleeping over here for the weekend?" wondered Daphne. "I know they sometimes forget to listen to the answering machine, but I'm sure they won't do anything too stupid." "Yeah, I mean what could possibly go wrong?"
Shaggy after the change

Fred after the change

done for patnvanna83
I'm back! and my computer was finally fixed I'll do the next one soon so I hope you enjoy this one.
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MegamanMaster64 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Could you do a sequel or a rebirth of the story, using the plot of Scooba door the movie?

Like Fred becomes daphne.
MegamanMaster64 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice job dude. Are you taking request at the moment?
MegamanMaster64 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Wonder what will happen next
DreadedOne131 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015
As a long time Scooby Doo watcher, I doubt this will ever be made into a children's video, though it could be in Scooby Doo III XD
patnvanna83 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
hey charoset, i see that you saw one of my suggestions and made a TG story out of it huh? what a suprise i'll say i mean you didn't have to do it anyway i was just giving you a little help but thanks anyway.

P.S. also charoset, if my long-list ideas of Female Cartoons & Live-Action TG stories is a little too much for you to handle, i do apologize to you in advance sir. and if their's any chance for a Epic Rap Battle, Part 2 TG story i'll assume that it will involve NicePeter turning into Marilyn Monroe right?

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